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About us

Our mission is to make every bride feel confident and beautiful on her

special day. We strive to provide exceptional service and stunning bridal

attire at every one of our salon locations.


All cosmetic formulas are organic.
The majority of all ingredients is

All products we use are professional
and have proven efficiency. No

Don’t worry, all our nails polishes and
other products are non-toxic. We do
care about you and our specialists.

Each guest is our favourite guest.
Come and make sure that our service
is exceptional.

People that you’ll meet in our studio
are doing job they love. Come and
make sure there is a difference.

Even nowadays some cosmetic
products are tested on animals. That
is not the case for us.

Our Story

Hello everyone!


We are Sejal Savaliya and Parul Koladiya, the co-founders of Sejal’s Beauty Clinic & Academy.


Sejal Savaliya and Parul Koladiya are renowned makeup artists and hairstylists, known for their immense success in Gujarat. Sejal Savaliya received training from VAJA – MKHITARYAN Moscow, Russia, while Parul Koladiya trained at Joakim Roos and other places. With a combined career spanning more than 20 years, they have garnered extensive experience.


Sejal Savaliya started this business with her two younger sisters in Ahmedabad in 1997 and since then they have not looked back.

At Flock, we believe in embracing your natural beauty. Sejal Savaliya and Parul Koladiya have a deep passion for the art of beauty and their love for their craft is unparalleled. Their expertise and impeccable skills allow them to create one-of-a-kind designer makeup and hair makeovers. Quality has always been Sejal Savaliya’s top priority, placing it above quantity.


Together with their creative and confident team of makeup artists and hairstylists, Sejal Savaliya and Parul Koladiya have conceptualized numerous innovative looks, earning them unmatched reputation and goodwill.


Every year, they learn, innovate and implement new techniques and ideas on their clients. They continuously create new jewelery , hair accessories, and styles that cater to different religions, occasions, and corporate looks.


They have built a strong and updated team that perfectly embodies the vision of Sejal and Parul. Their success mantra revolves around working together, growing together, and creating a team that combines youthful energy with extensive experience.


For the largest beauty salon brand in Gujarat, India, Sejal’s Beauty Clinic & Academy is the go-to destination where you can experience the best in beauty and style.Working all over India and now also working around the globe.

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